"Love at First Swipe", The Hunt Equestrian

We've received a beautiful write-up from The Hunt Equestrian, equestrian life and style blogger extraordinaire!

 Photo Credit: The Hunt Equestrian

Photo Credit: The Hunt Equestrian

The cleaner is a suds-free liquid in a spray bottle, and you spray it onto a cloth or sponge. I highly prefer formulas like this, vs ones where you have to dampen the sponge first – it’s easy to get too much water on the leather. It was love at first swipe with this stuff – it immediately dissolves the dirt and grime, and wipes away clean. It gives the leather a beautiful glow with absolutely no residue.
I left my boots nice and dirty to test the cleaner, which got them clean in record time. A lot of cleaners just dilute the dirt and push it around, this stuff really got them clean. After using the cleaner, they shined up with polish SO easily and got way shinier than they have in years.
— The Hunt Equestrian
 Clean, supple, and gleaming. Photo Credit: The Hunt Equestrian

Clean, supple, and gleaming. Photo Credit: The Hunt Equestrian

Read more about what The Hunt has to say about us in the full article here: https://thehuntequestrian.com/2018/07/09/sterling-essentials-leather-care-review/

Posted on July 16, 2018 .

Now at Black Horse Tack

We are proud to announce that Black Horse Tack has joined us as a member of our retail partner family! Located in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Black Horse Tack and proprietor, Debby Adams, bring you a carefully curated selection of wonderful equestrian items for all disciplines. Be sure to check them out!

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Decidedly Equestrian Review: Sterling Essentials' Leather Cleaner is "Excellent"!

Our products have caught the eye (and the nose!) of the acclaimed equestrian product reviewer and blogger, Decidedly Equestrian! Decidedly Equestrian's Rachel Masen has put our products to the test and provided her take away on how our Leather Cleaner stacks up against the competition.

The bottom line - we are a 9.5 out of 10!

 Photo Credit: Decidedly Equestrian

Photo Credit: Decidedly Equestrian

I want to say I was VERY impressed with the cleaner – these photos are from the quickest and most lazy cleaning job ever. I sprayed a couple of sprays on my sponge, wiped the whole boot down and BAM – Done. It was literally less than a minute per boot.
— Rachel Masen, Decidedly Equestrian, June 22, 2018
Posted on June 27, 2018 .

Available at Aiken Saddlery and Riding Warehouse

Just in time for you to deal with all of the sweaty, dirty, slimy tack coming your way this summer, you can now find us at our two newest retail partners: Aiken Saddlery and Riding Warehouse.

We are thrilled to be working with these premier tack stores in order to bring our products to you through the convenience of your local stores. Stop in and say "hi" and stock up soon!

Aiken Saddlery - Aiken, South Carolina

Riding Warehouse - San Luis Obispo, California



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How to Prevent a Leather Conditioning Mess this Show Season

We've added a new video to our Learn page: How to Prevent a Leather Conditioning Mess this Show Season!

Summer is just around the bend, and if you're planning to be doing any equestrian activities during these hot weather months than our video has the must-know tips for you!

Watch now and find out how one simple trick can make a big difference!

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Now Stocked at Saddlers Row

We are excited to welcome Saddlers Row in Palatine, Illinois as the newest member of our retail partner family! One of our friends grew up shopping at Saddlers Row and absolutely raved about this wonderful store, telling us we absolutely had to reach out to them. We're so glad we did!


In case you've never visited, Saddlers Row is one of the largest and most beautifully appointed tack stores in the country. Their staff is so friendly and helpful, plus knowledgeable to boot. We highly recommend you make a point to stop on in to load up on your barn necessities and to check out the latest fashion and gear, as well as to pick up a supply of our leather care products!

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Riding to the Future with Grand Prix Rider Noelle Roberts


Early this year we had the great fortune to become connected with Noelle Roberts, an exciting Grand Prix rider primarily based out of the Southern California area. It did not take us long to learn that Noelle is not only a gifted horsewoman, but also an incredibly caring individual who spends a ton of her time giving back to the horse community and to the sport. We were so pleased to become one of her sponsors and to lend her our support!

An up and coming Grand Prix talent, as well as a National Champion on the Arabian Sport Horse Circuit, Noelle is definitely one to watch. Some of Noelle's accomplishments include:

  • 2017 August Huntington Beach Summer Classic, Grand Prix, 4th
  • 2017 July Huntington Surf Classic, Grand Prix, 9th
  • 2017 April Galway Downs County Series, Open Jumpers 1.1m, 1st & 2nd
  • 2017 March Galway Downs County Series, Open Jumpers 1.1m, 1st
  • 2016 Arabian Hunter Rider of the Year
  • 2016 National Champion Pure Bred Arabian Hack
  • 2016 Reserve National Champion HA/AA Green Working Hunter
  • 2016 Las Vegas National Division Reserve Champion Jumpers
  • 2015 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Reserve Champion HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle
  • 2006 Reserve National Champion IHSA Collegiate Championship

As if her equestrian skill isn't enough to make Noelle standout in a crowd, Noelle is also passionate about helping youth become accomplished life long riders. Noelle helped establish the Scholastic Equestrian League and has acted as its Collegiate coordinator since inception, offering advice to high school aged riders on how to navigate the collegiate riding world and helping them get in contact with and riding spots on collegiate teams. Additionally, Noelle just recently became a mentor in Ride The Future, a non-profit program providing education and mentorship to kids and teenagers in their pursuit to help develop well-rounded equestrians.

Upon becoming a mentor, Noelle commented, "I wanted to be a part of Ride the Future because I am a rider that comes from a humble background and if it weren’t for the mentors in my life who rewarded my hard work and drive with letting me ride for them and teaching me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I think it’s important to give back and bring along the next generation and teach them, and to reach out to those hard working kids give them opportunity to learn and advance in their riding careers. I want kids and young adults to know that you don’t have to have a ton of money to be competitive in this sport. Yes it helps, but you can get to your goals with hard work and determination."

We are so excited to be teamed up with Noelle as we both ride on into the future together!

Noelle and her training operation, Delacreme Equestrian, are located out of Galway Downs in Temecula, CA. To learn more about Noelle, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Delacreme-Equestrian-105590393516843/

My favorite product for tack cleaning? Sterling Essentials! This tack cleaner is amazing and doesn’t leave behind any unwanted residues, which is a huge bonus. Plus, most tack cleaners do not smell the greatest but this lavender scent is to die for. There is no better product to get your tack shiny and clean!
— Noelle Roberts, Delacreme Equestrian
Posted on May 22, 2018 .

Interview with Heels Down Media

We've been interviewed by Heels Down Media!

Building a business is like entering an Ironman challenge that lasts for years: it’s fun until you hit the part where everything hurts. We all need inspiration at some point. One thing that inspires us is talking with other entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven. In this new series, Heels Down Media brings you the hard truths from entrepreneurs who are shaking up the equestrian industry. Teal Shoop saw an opportunity to create a new, improved version of a product that horsemen and women use daily: tack cleaner. Thus, Sterling Essentials was born.
— Erin Wheeler, Heels Down Media, May 11, 2018
Posted on May 11, 2018 .

Spray Cleaning = Easy Bridle Cleaning

We've put up a new tips video on our Learn page: Spray Cleaning for Easy Bridle Cleaning!

At Sterling Essentials we are often asked, "What is the easiest and fastest way to get my bridle clean?" To answer this, we've put together a short video showing how you can get your bridle and other smaller leather tack clean in no time at all using a high quality spray-on leather cleaner. Plus, get tips on how to get the most out of your spray cleaner - make every drop work for you!

As you watch, keep in mind that you only need two things in order to make your bridle cleaning a breeze:
1. Towel or cloth
2. Your favorite spray leather cleaner product

Check in out on our Learn page or watch it here!

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