How to Save Your Leather Boots this Winter

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How do you take care of your boots after they have gotten wet?

This question comes up so often during these winter months given that our boots take even more abuse around the barnyard than normal due to the rain, snow, and ice. A good pair of comfy leather boots can be pretty pricey, so we know how important it is to you that your boots last a long time.

In order to help you keep your boots surviving another winter and lasting as long as possible, we recommend that you pop your boots on a boot dryer after every wear.

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Within the leather footwear industry, using boot driers on leather shoes and boots is actually a fairly controversial topic. This seems rather crazy to us since, really, a boot drier isn't exactly a cutting edge or radical tool. Many argue that boot driers will dry out the leather, the adhesives, and the stitching, resulting in a more brittle boot that will fall apart sooner than if a drier was not used. Although there is some truth behind these arguments, the benefits of using a boot drier far outweigh the possible negatives.

Why using a boot drier will help save your boots:

1. Dries boots quickly. The longer footwear is wet, the greater the damage to the structure of the leather and stitching, which results in hardening, brittleness, and rot.

2. Quickly eliminates moisture, reducing bacteria and mold growth. Without a boot dryer, air drying gives plenty of time and moisture for bacteria to thrive in your boots.

3. Reduction of bacteria growth helps reduce odors. Who doesn't love to not have stinky boots?

The chances that you will over-dry your boots, resulting in dried out leather, adhesives, and glue is slim to none. In general, we've found that approximately 2 hours on a dryer is more than sufficient to dry our barn and paddock boots, so exposure time is short. Additionally, boot driers gently dry boots at low temperatures - think more warm summer day than an oven.

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Also, if you ever feel that your boots are becoming dry, you can quickly remedy this by applying a coat or two of conditioner in order to rehydrate both leather and stitching. Remember, it is better for your leather boots (and all leather goods) to be in need of a little conditioner rather than to be overmoisturized, such as due to sweat, weather, or conditioner overuse. It is much harder to restore the health of wet/overconditioned leather versus dried out leather.

We have had great success using boot driers for years to keep our leather shoes and boots in excellent condition. With regular use, a boot dryer can do a lot to help you keep your boots in great shape through this winter. Combined with a solid leather care routine, your boots and shoes will have a long life ahead of them.


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Posted on January 9, 2018 .

Six New Stores for the Holidays

Sterling Essentials has been blessed with another wonderful year of business and the great pleasure of working with so many incredible customers! We are so pleased to announce, even as the year starts to come to a close, that several additional retail stores have just been added to our customer family. It is very exciting that our products continue to expand their national presence, resulting in greater ease and convenience for equestrian shoppers. If you are still seeking the perfect holiday gifts for the horse lovers in your life, it's not too late to stop in and visit these fine retailers!

You can now find our products at these stores in your neighborhood:

- Madson's Tack and Equine - Wichita Falls, Texas

- Equine Exchange - Pottstown, Pennsylvania

- The Equine Shoppe - Poulsbo, Washington

- Marin Tack and Feed - Forest Knolls, California

- Saddle Up - Longmont, Colorado

- Inland Vet Supply - Norco, California

Posted on December 15, 2017 .

Welcome New Abassadors, Winning Time Training!

Sterling Essentials is delighted to announce and welcome our newest ambassador, Winning Time Training and Zoe Conlee, Head Trainer! Zoe is a very talented young professional in the hunter/jumper field, as well as skilled trainer and coach for all of her pupils, both equine and rider.

Zoe Conlee aboard Flynn van den Bisschop, HITS Coachella 2017, 1.3m PC:

Zoe Conlee aboard Flynn van den Bisschop, HITS Coachella 2017, 1.3m PC:

We've had the pleasure of watching Zoe and Winning Time Training's progress over the past few years and are continually impressed by their sportsmanship and horsemanship. Additionally, Zoe and the team at Winning Time are just some of the nicest folks you could ever meet.

We look forward to working with Winning Time, supporting their aspirations, and watching them continue their rise to great things!

To learn more about Winning Time Training, visit:

Posted on December 12, 2017 .

More Stores Near You!

November has been quite an eventful month, and we are excited to announce that our products are now carried at quite a few more stores nationwide! Be sure to stop in and visit these lovely local retailers to pick up what you need for the cool month ahead or to find the perfect horsey gifts for the holidays.

These wonderful stores are:

- Red Barn Equine Outfitters - Lebanon, Pennsylvania

- Crest View Tack Shop - Mason, Michigan

- Tack Warehouse - Woodland, California

- Log Cabin Tack - Hooksett, New Hampshire

- Cabin Branch Tack Shop - Southern Pines, North Carolina

- Tack Boutique - Winter Garden, Florida

- Sporthorse Saddlery - New Hudson, Michigan

- Bridles & Britches - Folsom, Louisiana

- Adirondack Tack - Plattsburgh, New York

- Emerald Coast Saddlery - Pace, Florida

- Mags Mobile Tack - Brooks, Georgia

- South Fork Tack - Oneida, Tennessee

- Diamond Royal Tack - Superior, Wisconsin

- Tack Room, Inc. - Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania

- The Stone Pony - Amherst, New Hampshire

- Horsing Around - Cooper City, Florida

- Colorado Tack and Supply Co. - Thornton, Colorado



Posted on December 4, 2017 .

Sterling Essentials' Ambassador Matt Brown Makes USEA 2018 Elite Training List

We are excited to offer our congratulations to Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF for making the USEA 2018 Elite Training List! This is a very prestigious list and a great accomplishment. The Elite Training List is in a sense the who's who in Eventing CCI3* and CCI4* competition and is a indicator of who to keep an eye on for upcoming Olympic teams.

Sterling Essentials is so proud to have Matt as one of our Ambassadors, and we love watching him and his incredible mounts continually climb to new heights (figuratively and literally! :) )!

Read on about Matt and who made the list at:

Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF on course at 2017 Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event - Photo Credit: Cindy Lawler

Matt Brown and Super Socks BCF on course at 2017 Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event - Photo Credit: Cindy Lawler

Posted on December 1, 2017 .

Independent Tack Stores Across the Country Unite To Offer Special Discounts

Across the country, horse lovers are getting excited for the third semi-annual Support Your Indie Tack Store event on Dec. 8-10th.  Many local tack stores nationwide will be taking part in this national event offering special discounts and a chance to win more than $37,500 in prizes nationwide from 15 top equestrian brands, including local Oregon brand, Sterling Essentials. Sterling Essentials donated door prizes of our luxurious leather care products to each participating retailer nationwide.

In the era of big box stores and Amazon seemingly taking over the retail shopping experience, we often forget that it is the smaller independent stores that can offer the most value to their customers. This value comes in ways the big retailers can’t offer. When you can walk into a store and see and feel the quality of a product, no photo or video can replace that. You’ll also find the store owners and employees generally know more about the products they are selling because each product is hand selected for their customers.

“Independent tack stores across the nation are run by friends and members of the community,” said Indie Tack Store organizer Brenda Wilson. “We wanted to create an event that would bring the horse community into the local tack stores. We want to bring customers back into local stores by offering exclusive giveaways and prizes. Shopping local is a win-win. Customers get better service, and our neighborhoods grow stronger.”

No purchase is necessary to participate, just show up at a participating store and you will receive a free entry into the drawings. For additional information, please visit the Support Independent Tack Stores Facebook page, For further details on Sterling Essentials, please visit

Don't miss out on this fabulous event! This is a great opportunity to catch up with your local shop owners, find some wonderful tack, and to try out new products. Even if your favorite store is not participating in this event, this is still a great time of year to stop by and see them and shop locally to find all of your horsey needs.

Posted on November 28, 2017 .

New Stores for Fall!

Just in time for fall, we are so pleased to share that our products are now carried at several additional stores near you! Be sure to stop in and visit these great local retailers to pick up what you need for the season ahead. Also, these retailers have so many special events going on in the next several weeks, from Small Business Saturday on November 25th to the major Small Independent Tack Stores Indie Day Event December 8-10th - be sure to check it out!

Sterling Essentials Fall Leaves

These wonderful stores are:

- Moore Equine in Southern Pines, NC

- Equine Essentials in Avon Lake, OH

- Hitch 'N Post Feed and Tack in Orange, CA

- Tackroom Treasures in East Berlin, PA

- The Horse In Sport in Grand Junction, CO

The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival Starts Friday!

My oh my, the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival starts tomorrow! The Festival runs November 17-19th at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and is one of the premier indoor equitation competitions in the US. In addition to fostering camaraderie and great competition, the Festival also hosts a College Fair and encourages young riders to attend the Fair in order to see how riding and higher education can be compatible.

Sterling Essentials helped sponsor the Festival last year and is doing so again this year. We've found the hosts to be wonderfully genial, organized, and that they put on a fun and well-executed show. If you are in the area, definitely stop by to watch the excitement - admission is free!

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Posted on November 16, 2017 .

Brawley Farms Inc Flies High at The Autumn Classic

Congratulations to Dana Brawley of Brawley Farms Inc for an amazing week at the GSWEC Autumn Classic in Katy, Texas! Dana, on Caymus and Cocomo, was the Champion and Reserve for both the Adult Division and Zone 7. Way to go, Dana!

The other Brawley Farms participants at the show did fantastic, as well. Many champions, reserves, and ribbons were won across the board.

We congratulate Brawley Farms on a great show and a wonderful way to wrap up the show season. As one of their sponsors, we love supporting such a great group of talented, friendly, caring, and horse-wise riders! Keep up the good work and onward to the winter season and next year!

Dana Brawley with Caymus and Cocomo

Dana Brawley with Caymus and Cocomo


#sterlingessentials #brawleyfarms

Now at Whip N Spur Tack Shop

We are happy to announce the good news that our leather care products are now available at Whip N Spur in Tampa, Florida! Whip N Spur has got everything equestrians need in order to get ready for the winter season, as well as to ride year round. Year round riding...those warm winter days...that sunshine....all even more of an incentive for you to be sure to stop in and pick up some supplies in order to get your tack spotless, happy, and shining brightly in that southern sun!

Posted on November 6, 2017 .