New Stores for Fall!

Just in time for fall, we are so pleased to share that our products are now carried at several additional stores near you! Be sure to stop in and visit these great local retailers to pick up what you need for the season ahead. Also, these retailers have so many special events going on in the next several weeks, from Small Business Saturday on November 25th to the major Small Independent Tack Stores Indie Day Event December 8-10th - be sure to check it out!

Sterling Essentials Fall Leaves

These wonderful stores are:

- Moore Equine in Southern Pines, NC

- Equine Essentials in Avon Lake, OH

- Hitch 'N Post Feed and Tack in Orange, CA

- Tackroom Treasures in East Berlin, PA

- The Horse In Sport in Grand Junction, CO

The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival Starts Friday!

My oh my, the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival starts tomorrow! The Festival runs November 17-19th at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and is one of the premier indoor equitation competitions in the US. In addition to fostering camaraderie and great competition, the Festival also hosts a College Fair and encourages young riders to attend the Fair in order to see how riding and higher education can be compatible.

Sterling Essentials helped sponsor the Festival last year and is doing so again this year. We've found the hosts to be wonderfully genial, organized, and that they put on a fun and well-executed show. If you are in the area, definitely stop by to watch the excitement - admission is free!

Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival Banner.jpg
Posted on November 16, 2017 .

Brawley Farms Inc Flies High at The Autumn Classic

Congratulations to Dana Brawley of Brawley Farms Inc for an amazing week at the GSWEC Autumn Classic in Katy, Texas! Dana, on Caymus and Cocomo, was the Champion and Reserve for both the Adult Division and Zone 7. Way to go, Dana!

The other Brawley Farms participants at the show did fantastic, as well. Many champions, reserves, and ribbons were won across the board.

We congratulate Brawley Farms on a great show and a wonderful way to wrap up the show season. As one of their sponsors, we love supporting such a great group of talented, friendly, caring, and horse-wise riders! Keep up the good work and onward to the winter season and next year!

Dana Brawley with Caymus and Cocomo

Dana Brawley with Caymus and Cocomo


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Now at Whip N Spur Tack Shop

We are happy to announce the good news that our leather care products are now available at Whip N Spur in Tampa, Florida! Whip N Spur has got everything equestrians need in order to get ready for the winter season, as well as to ride year round. Year round riding...those warm winter days...that sunshine....all even more of an incentive for you to be sure to stop in and pick up some supplies in order to get your tack spotless, happy, and shining brightly in that southern sun!

Posted on November 6, 2017 .

A Sweet Spot at the Spokane Tack Trunk

Having once resided in Spokane, Washington for a few years, we definitely have a sweet spot for the Spokane area. As a result, we are particularly delighted to share the news that our products are now in stock at the Spokane Tack Trunk in Spokane Valley, Washington. Whether you prefer Western or English, show or casual, they've got you covered with their extensive selection of equestrian goodies! They are also carrying our handy little Leather Care Starter Sets, so look no further if you are looking for a gift for your trainer or for your horse loving friend.

Sterling Essentials Leather Care Products at Spokane Tack Trunk

What's In the Cleaner?

We are often asked whether our Leather Cleaner bleaches tack or uses harsh solvents. Excellent question!

Historically, many liquid spray cleaners allegedly used strong and harsh solvents and bleaching agents in order to clean tack. Sterling Essentials is not part of that group.

Our Leather Cleaner only contains a special proprietary blend of natural food-grade ingredients, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils. We do not utilize petroleum products, industrial solvents, or other bleaching or harsh ingredients. Our philosophy is to get excellent tack cleaning results through the use of gentle and responsible products.

The Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner will not bleach tack. However, we recommend that you test our products in an inconspicuous place on your tack when first used in order to ensure you are happy with the results.

With our gentle ingredients, you can be confident that your tack is getting kid-glove treatment!

To learn more about getting your leather clean and beautiful, check out our Learn page to view videos and tips:

From Horses to Puppies and Everything In Between at Tony's Tack Shop

We are happy to share that Tony's Tack Shop in Essex Junction, Vermont now carries our products! If you're looking for a friendly tack store that has all of your needs covered, look no further than Tony's Tack Shop. From puppies to the best equestrian supplies, Tony's has what you are looking for and backs it up with great service.

And did you know that our leather care products are also handy for taking care of more than your tack? Sterling Essentials' products do a wonderful job on collars and leashes, so we can even help keep you and your pup happy! We hope you stop in and see these fine folks at Tony's soon!


Time Swimming in the Big Pond

We were really excited this year when Fair Hill International invited us be a sponsor for The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International CCI*** and CCI** eventing competitions. How cool is it to be a part of major international eventing? Of course we jumped at the chance and provided our products for prizes and so forth. However, we didn't know that our products might actually be awarded to the winner of the CCI***. What a thrill for us when we saw Selena O'Hanlon, the CCI*** winner, and our products in photo of her celebrating her win during the awards ceremony!

How fun that we got to have a brief moment of fame with such a talented rider! And to have a chance to swim in the big leagues, even though we are still a smallish (but growing!) fish.

We congratulate Ms. O'Hanlon on her win and stellar ride! Read more about her accomplishment and career in Noelle Floyd:

Photo Credit: Shannon Brinkman

See us there at the far left side of the picture!!


Selena O'Hanlon, winner 2017 The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International CCI*** PC: Shannon Brinkman

Selena O'Hanlon, winner 2017 The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International CCI*** PC: Shannon Brinkman

Posted on October 19, 2017 .

Find It All at Whitehorse Tack

Whitehorse Tack in Paso Robles, California is now carrying our products! The perfect shopping destination for both Western and English enthusiasts, Whitehorse Tack has something for everyone and carries a fantastic selection of products. Be sure to stop in and check out our leather care products and to pick up all your other fall needs!

Posted on October 16, 2017 .

Best 4 Fun Uses for Our New Leather Care Starter Set

Were you one of the lucky riders or volunteers that received one of our Leather Care Starter Sets this summer at a show, during a tack store giveaway, or as a prize at another event? If not, you are in luck, because these extremely popular Sets, mini versions of our full size Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner, are now available for purchase online and at many local tack store locations!

Available in Lavender fragrance, these handy and delightful 2 oz. sized cleaner and conditioner pairs have so many fun uses.

Based on feedback from your fellow equestrians, here are some of the best unique ideas for using the Leather Care Starter Set:

1. Holiday stocking stuffers! These Sets are that just right size to tuck into the stocking of a lucky equestrian.

2. Handy, small, lightweight travel size to pack for horse camping trips to the beach. You won't have to make the choice between deciding whether to skip cleaning off all that sand and salt water residue or being bogged down with packing heavier, larger full size cleaners and conditioners.

3. Keep in your tack trunk for travel to shows and keep your full sized products at home. Save weight and space in your trunk. Cut down on packing time and effort rearranging your tack trunk just for shows.

4. The perfect gift to say "thank you" to your trainer.

So many possibilities! What other ways do you use the Starter Sets? We would love to hear, so send us your thoughts: Contact Us.

Ready to restock or try a Set? Visit Leather Care Starter Set to get started.