We Made News in the Equine Info Exchange!

Sterling Essentials recently took part in a closed to the public equestrian media/trade event and received some fantastic publicity from many nationwide media producers, including the Equine Info Exchange. Receiving national coverage about our products is so very exciting, and we were thrilled to participate in this exclusive event!

Sterling Essentials' CEO Teal Shoop, Photo Credit EIE

Sterling Essentials' CEO Teal Shoop, Photo Credit EIE

Equine Info Exchange has put together a great write-up about Sterling Essentials, as well as the other new equestrian products on the market.

Read on and make your shopping list for your next trip to the tack store!


Posted on February 15, 2018 .

Galloping in to More Stores Near You!

We are happy to share with you that with the start of this new year, you have even more shopping locations at your fingertips for picking up Sterling Essentials' products! It is our pleasure to be working with nine additional stores in order to bring you further convenience, customer service, and fantastic products.

These fine retailers are now carrying Sterling Essentials:

- Griffinbrook, LLC - Aiken, South Carolina

- The Tack Shack - Mobile, Alabama

- Agri Feed Pet Supply - Knoxville, Tennesee

- Chrysalis Acres - Freeport, Maine

- The Carousel Horse - Cabot, Pennsylvania

- Haig Point Equestrian - Hilton Head, South Carolina

- Foxtrot Embellishment - Dillwyn, Virginia

- Cross Road Tack Shop - Lebanon, Pennsylvania

- Rider's Choice Saddlery - Ronkonkoma, New York

Sterling Essentials Feb 9-2018 Map w More Stores.jpg
Posted on February 9, 2018 .

Tips for Worry Free Tack Storage

Every so often you may have to take some time off from your usual equestrian activities and end up putting your tack in storage. This has probably happened to the majority of us at one point or another due to personal reasons, life changes, an injured horse, you name it.

Although storing your tack for prolonged periods of time can result in damage to your leather, there are many steps you can take to ensure that your tack is in as great a shape at the end of storage as when you first put it away.

Having our tack in storage for a year due to a laid up horse actually was one of the major inspirations for creating the Sterling Essentials leather care products - and we've had lots of practice dealing with the whole storage thing! Here are our recommendations for how to easily keep your tack happy and healthy when not in use.

Saddles in need of TLC during storage

Saddles in need of TLC during storage

Dry and Room Temperature

Store you tack in a dry, room temperature space, like a heated, well ventilated tack room or in your house. These environmental conditions help keep the temperature and humidity at optimal conditions for leather health. Also, a controlled environment helps prevent mold and mildew and infestations from hungry bugs. Storing in your garage, attic, horse trailer, or the back of your vehicle may be convenient, but this is a good way to get a lovely case of mold and rot going - so it is best to store elsewhere.

Cover Up

Fully cover your tack in order to protect from light, dust, and bugs. Use a bridle bag and saddle cover if available, but covering with a towel, blanket, or closable bag works perfectly, too. Putting tack in a plastic bin with a close fitting lid is also a great technique. Covering or storing tack in plastic bags is not recommended, as this prevents the leather from breathing and can actually trap unwanted moisture.

All covered up...and keeping off that dust!

All covered up...and keeping off that dust!

Inspection and Care

We suggest inspecting your saddle monthly while in storage and then giving a light cleaning, followed by a light conditioning, about every three months. The goal of the cleaning is to just ensure that any dust, bugs, etc. don't build up. Depending on your circumstances, you may find you need to clean and condition more or less frequently. Much is dependent upon the unique temperature, environment, and condition of your saddle. Therefore, inspection of your saddle regularly will be your best friend so that you can then customize your cleaning and conditioning routine.

For example, if you are in a climate susceptible to mold and mildew, you will want to keep an even closer eye on your saddle and might consider increasing the cleaning frequency to every few weeks. If you live in a very arid climate, you might find that you can reduce your cleaning frequency.

Similarly to cleaning, you will need to adjust your conditioning frequency based on your environment, as well. As a rule of thumb, if the conditioner absorbs very quickly (within a minute), your saddle may actually be dry and likely needs another coat of conditioner or more frequent light conditioning. If the conditioner absorbs very slowly (not all gone within 5 minutes), your saddle probably isn't very thirsty and could go with less heavy and less frequent conditioning. If your saddle is prone to mold, then we recommend decreasing the amount and frequency of conditioning in storage, in order to reduce the amount of moisture in the leather upon which the mold likes to feed.

Protect Your Investment

These easy steps will go a long way in order to ensure your tack is looking as good as new on the day you finally pull it out of storage and saddle up again. Taking a few short minutes periodically to check in on your tack and give it a little love will definitely be worth it in order to ensure your expensive tack is protected. We hope that you don't have to put up your tack for too long and that you'll be back using it again in no time with your favorite trusty steed!

Posted on February 5, 2018 .

Now at The Moody Mare

It is our pleasure to announce that The Moody Mare Tack Shack in Adrian, Michigan is now stocking our leather care products! With both a mobile store and a brick and mortar store, The Moody Mare offers everything you need to help you continue to get through this winter, but will also be there when you need them during show season. Be sure to stop in and check out their stock of Sterling Essentials leather cleaners and conditioners.

P.S. If you do actually have a moody mare, you might want to try our Lavender fragrance products. A little bit of aromatherapy via tack cleaning might just make everyone happier!

moody mare logo.png
Posted on February 2, 2018 .

Sterling Essentials' Co-Founder Joins Oregon Horse Country Board of Directors

We are proud to announce that our own CEO, owner, and co-founder, Teal Shoop, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Oregon Horse Country (OHC). OHC is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit and is the voice of the equestrian industry in Oregon, providing a much needed statewide equine resource for equine business education, networking, and marketing for equine businesses and associations operating in Oregon. OHC also promotes equestrian tourism and activities throughout Oregon. Oregon Horse Country strives to put consumers and equine enthusiasts in contact with the business, activity, or resource that they need.

"It is an honor to be a member of the OHC Board of Directors. I am looking forward to working with my fellow board members to continue to grow the Oregon horse industry and to support all involved or interested in the horse world. This includes everyone from businesses to sports venues to the competitive rider to those just becoming interested in horses and everyone in between. Oregon has an amazing equine culture, and I'm excited to be a part of helping it thrive and become even more vibrant," said Teal Shoop, CEO of Sterling Essentials, LLC.


Teal will be serving on the Board until 2020. In order to learn more about Oregon Horse Country, please visit www.oregonhorsecountry.com.

Posted on January 18, 2018 .

All About Equestrian = All About the Leather Care

We are happy to share the latest news that All About Equestrian in Poolesville, Maryland is now stocking our products. The fine folks at All About Equestrian specialize in helping you find exactly what you need for yourself and your horse, including local artisan products and consignment items. They are committed to bringing customers the best of the best, and that now includes our Sterling Essentials leather care products, as well!

Posted on January 17, 2018 .

How to Save Your Leather Boots this Winter

Sterling Essentials Puddle 20171220_085225.jpg

How do you take care of your boots after they have gotten wet?

This question comes up so often during these winter months given that our boots take even more abuse around the barnyard than normal due to the rain, snow, and ice. A good pair of comfy leather boots can be pretty pricey, so we know how important it is to you that your boots last a long time.

In order to help you keep your boots surviving another winter and lasting as long as possible, we recommend that you pop your boots on a boot dryer after every wear.

Sterling Essentials Boot Dryer 141617

Within the leather footwear industry, using boot driers on leather shoes and boots is actually a fairly controversial topic. This seems rather crazy to us since, really, a boot drier isn't exactly a cutting edge or radical tool. Many argue that boot driers will dry out the leather, the adhesives, and the stitching, resulting in a more brittle boot that will fall apart sooner than if a drier was not used. Although there is some truth behind these arguments, the benefits of using a boot drier far outweigh the possible negatives.

Why using a boot drier will help save your boots:

1. Dries boots quickly. The longer footwear is wet, the greater the damage to the structure of the leather and stitching, which results in hardening, brittleness, and rot.

2. Quickly eliminates moisture, reducing bacteria and mold growth. Without a boot dryer, air drying gives plenty of time and moisture for bacteria to thrive in your boots.

3. Reduction of bacteria growth helps reduce odors. Who doesn't love to not have stinky boots?

The chances that you will over-dry your boots, resulting in dried out leather, adhesives, and glue is slim to none. In general, we've found that approximately 2 hours on a dryer is more than sufficient to dry our barn and paddock boots, so exposure time is short. Additionally, boot driers gently dry boots at low temperatures - think more warm summer day than an oven.

Sterling Essentials Boot Dryer 141353

Also, if you ever feel that your boots are becoming dry, you can quickly remedy this by applying a coat or two of conditioner in order to rehydrate both leather and stitching. Remember, it is better for your leather boots (and all leather goods) to be in need of a little conditioner rather than to be overmoisturized, such as due to sweat, weather, or conditioner overuse. It is much harder to restore the health of wet/overconditioned leather versus dried out leather.

We have had great success using boot driers for years to keep our leather shoes and boots in excellent condition. With regular use, a boot dryer can do a lot to help you keep your boots in great shape through this winter. Combined with a solid leather care routine, your boots and shoes will have a long life ahead of them.


Interested in learning other tips and tricks from Sterling Essentials? Check out our Learn page: www.sterling-essentials.com/learn and our Blog: www.sterling-essentials.com/blog



Posted on January 9, 2018 .

Six New Stores for the Holidays

Sterling Essentials has been blessed with another wonderful year of business and the great pleasure of working with so many incredible customers! We are so pleased to announce, even as the year starts to come to a close, that several additional retail stores have just been added to our customer family. It is very exciting that our products continue to expand their national presence, resulting in greater ease and convenience for equestrian shoppers. If you are still seeking the perfect holiday gifts for the horse lovers in your life, it's not too late to stop in and visit these fine retailers!

You can now find our products at these stores in your neighborhood:

- Madson's Tack and Equine - Wichita Falls, Texas

- Equine Exchange - Pottstown, Pennsylvania

- The Equine Shoppe - Poulsbo, Washington

- Marin Tack and Feed - Forest Knolls, California

- Saddle Up - Longmont, Colorado

- Inland Vet Supply - Norco, California

Posted on December 15, 2017 .

Welcome New Abassadors, Winning Time Training!

Sterling Essentials is delighted to announce and welcome our newest ambassador, Winning Time Training and Zoe Conlee, Head Trainer! Zoe is a very talented young professional in the hunter/jumper field, as well as skilled trainer and coach for all of her pupils, both equine and rider.

Zoe Conlee aboard Flynn van den Bisschop, HITS Coachella 2017, 1.3m PC: WinningTimeFarm.com

Zoe Conlee aboard Flynn van den Bisschop, HITS Coachella 2017, 1.3m PC: WinningTimeFarm.com

We've had the pleasure of watching Zoe and Winning Time Training's progress over the past few years and are continually impressed by their sportsmanship and horsemanship. Additionally, Zoe and the team at Winning Time are just some of the nicest folks you could ever meet.

We look forward to working with Winning Time, supporting their aspirations, and watching them continue their rise to great things!

To learn more about Winning Time Training, visit: www.winningtimefarm.com

Posted on December 12, 2017 .

More Stores Near You!

November has been quite an eventful month, and we are excited to announce that our products are now carried at quite a few more stores nationwide! Be sure to stop in and visit these lovely local retailers to pick up what you need for the cool month ahead or to find the perfect horsey gifts for the holidays.

These wonderful stores are:

- Red Barn Equine Outfitters - Lebanon, Pennsylvania

- Crest View Tack Shop - Mason, Michigan

- Tack Warehouse - Woodland, California

- Log Cabin Tack - Hooksett, New Hampshire

- Cabin Branch Tack Shop - Southern Pines, North Carolina

- Tack Boutique - Winter Garden, Florida

- Sporthorse Saddlery - New Hudson, Michigan

- Bridles & Britches - Folsom, Louisiana

- Adirondack Tack - Plattsburgh, New York

- Emerald Coast Saddlery - Pace, Florida

- Mags Mobile Tack - Brooks, Georgia

- South Fork Tack - Oneida, Tennessee

- Diamond Royal Tack - Superior, Wisconsin

- Tack Room, Inc. - Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania

- The Stone Pony - Amherst, New Hampshire

- Horsing Around - Cooper City, Florida

- Colorado Tack and Supply Co. - Thornton, Colorado



Posted on December 4, 2017 .