We always want our tack to look and feel its best. From a functional standpoint, clean tack is less likely to stretch or break. In addition, there is nothing like the rich shine of clean tack as you first go into the show ring. I am always trying leather products, I want to see what can strip off the dirt, sand, sweat gunk without leaving streaks or film. I love that the cleaner is liquid base so that you can apply directly to a dry, clean sponge so it easily cleans without over-saturating (the main cause of stretching and leather warping). It doesn't leave a sudsy film and the tack always looks sparkling. The conditioner balm is a great balance between waxy and balmy, it never makes my tack feel wet or sticky, it just adds the perfect amount of pliability to keep the leather from breaking or cracking. In the desert, in the rain, in the cold- I'm seriously a very big fan of the cleaner and conditioner for all of my tack! 

- Ashley Hawkins, Hawkins Equine


Posted on March 6, 2016 .