The Sterling Essentials Story

The story of Sterling Essentials starts with horses in the Pacific Northwest.  When Teal's horse was injured one winter, we found ourselves worrying that the saddle and other leather tack would become moldy and mildew in our wet winter.  We looked around for a leather care product that would do the trick, but everything we found contained irritating chemicals.  Our horse had even more sensitive skin than people, and if the chemicals were irritating to us, they would certainly irritate our horse.

Frustrated with our inability to find any natural leather care products, we decided to make our own!  We believe that effective, high quality leather care can be achieved without harsh and irritating chemicals.  We wanted something that would protect our leather from the soggy and damp Pacific Northwest winter, while also nourishing the leather during the dry summers. 

After months of experimentation we came up with a product that uses simple, natural ingredients, such as high grade beeswax, food grade natural oils, and top of the line therapeutic essential oils.  Not only does Sterling Essentials leather care products protect your leather, but they smell good too! 

We are excited to share our leather cleaner and conditioner with you, and we hope you will love them as much as we do.

- Teal and Matt

Teal and Ro

Teal and Ro