No Wintertime Leather Blues

Winter is notorious for wrecking our leather goods.  All too often your favorite shoes are looking less than their best after trudging along icy salted sidewalks and through slush and puddles.  For the equestrian, a ride in the rain or snow is inevitable this time of year, but this doesn’t have to spell disaster for your saddle.  A little preparation and continuous leather care can go a long way toward protecting your leather from Mother Nature’s wet onslaught.  Applying regular coatings of conditioner throughout the wet months will help create a protective beeswax layer that can ward off some rain and snow penetration.  Not only will the conditioner provide a barrier to the elements, but it will also moisturize your leather to prevent the cold, dry winter air from drying and stiffening your leather.  If your leather boots and shoes have been salt stained and grime coated, use the leather cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to dissolve and wipe away the salts and dirt. 

Posted on November 28, 2015 .