Had a Great Time at Friendship Series Show at Quarry Ridge

                Startup businesses have lots of firsts.  A couple of weeks ago we had our first horse show booth at the Friendship series show at Quarry Ridge in Washington.  It was an interesting experience figuring out what we needed to bring, what the weather would be like, and how we should set up our booth.  It was really exciting to talk with the riders and spectators at the show about caring for leather tack and about our products.  We appreciate everyone who stopped by to say hi and talk with us.  We enjoyed watching riders young and old out for one of their first shows of the season.  Julia, who was running the show, gave us some old schooling tack to use as a demonstration.  The thing about schooling tack is that it is dirty!  But, after giving it some love, and elbow grease, we had it looking good as new.  It was a great day out at Quarry Ridge and we are looking forward to what the rest of the show season brings.


Posted on May 22, 2016 .