Disrupting the Traditional Leather Care Industry: An Interview with Street to Stable

Through a mutual Pacific Northwest equestrian connection, we had the privilege of being introduced to equestrian storyteller, Kristin Thornton, and her amazing brand, Street to Stable. A dedicated horsewoman, Kristin has a passion for sharing the tales of those working behind-the-scenes in the equestrian community - the brands, the artisans, the entrepreneurs, the artists that bring together their love of horses, creating a vibrant equestrian world in the process.

We were lucky enough to be featured by Street to Stable, resulting in an interview and a host of tips just for you! Please view the full article here: https://streettostable.com/blogs/news/sterling-essentials

As I was researching more about the brand, I was impressed by the endorsements of notable sport horse professionals including Melanie Smith Taylor (Olympic Gold Medalist- Show Jumping), Dana and Bob Brawley, Brawley Farms Inc. (AA hunter/jumper show barn) and Matt Brown and Cecily Clark, East West Training Stables (International Eventing Competitors). It was evident that this company was offering an alternative that filled a niche and was appreciated by equestrians of all levels.

After reading more about the ingredients, fragrances, and who stands the brand, I recognized that it is a better solution to my daily equipment cleaning because as their tagline states, it is “GENTLE ON YOUR LEATHER, GENTLE ON YOU.”
— Street to Stable, September 2018
Posted on October 15, 2018 .