Love Your Tack - So Commands Bits and Bays

It is always exciting and fun to become connected with other Pacific Northwest horse loving entrepreneurs! Early this fall we had the pleasure of being featured by fellow PNW horse junkie, Betsy, in her beautiful equestrian lifestyle blog, Bits and Bays.

An amazing review, we were blown away by Betsy’s products-in-action photography and warm praise for our products. Visit Betsy’s blog to read the full review:

Okay, so enough babbling about how good it smells, you’re not shopping for perfume, the important part about Sterling Essentials is that it works. Not only will your tack smell amazing, it will be polished, conditioned, and ready to last a lifetime. Time to queue up a Netflix series to binge while you engulf yourself in amazing smells and deep clean your gear.
— Bits and Bays, September 28, 2018
Posted on November 2, 2018 .