A Refresh on Goals with Matt Brown

With the approach of spring and hopefully longer, sunnier, warmer, drier days of riding just around the corner it seems like a great time for all of us to revisit our goals for the year and spark some new motivation!

Matt Brown USEA Adequan Gold Cup Advanced Win 2017 with BCF Belicoso, PC Kimmy Durr

Matt Brown USEA Adequan Gold Cup Advanced Win 2017 with BCF Belicoso, PC Kimmy Durr

Earlier this year, Matt Brown, an accomplished eventing rider and one of our ambassadors, shared his thoughts and approach to setting his goals for the year. Although an elite rider, we love that Matt's insights in this article are very approachable for the rest of us - the average riders. Matt shows us that many of the goals he sets for himself, an elite rider, are really so similar to what many of us also focus on. I particularly related to the goal to build strength and flexibility, including setting aside time to stretch before riding. A fantastic reminder!

Regardless of your level and goals, Matt's article makes a great read and can certainly help put some pep in your step to keep you marching toward your targets.

We'll even make a suggestion for one itty bitty goal to add to your set, too. Can you challenge yourself to give your tack a light, maintenance cleaning and care routine after each time you ride? This is probably the part where you start laughing! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge). :)

Anyhow, here is Matt's article. Happy reading and best wishes for hitting all of your goals this year!

Goal Setting For a Successful Season with Matt Brown



Posted on March 14, 2018 .