Tips for a Tidy Tack Room

Are you trying to keep your tack care "stuff" organized and tidy? Sometimes it seems like a constant battle to keep the inevitable pile of soggy, goopy sponges from piling up in the tack room or tack trunk, making a mess of everything they touch. We got tired of our sponges getting away from us and accidentally conditioning our standing wraps, so we’ve got some tips to share with you on how to corral those pesky sponges once and for all!

1. Store you leather conditioner sponge in a resealable plastic sandwich bag. Instant control and portability!

Or even better…

2. Store your leather conditioner sponge in your empty conditioner jar! No mess! Bonus - you're being green by re-purposing/reusing your old conditioner jar!

Posted on August 13, 2018 .