Sterling Essentials vs. Muddy Boots

The war on mud is real, oh so real, this time of year. Oh, and for the next 3 months, too. If your black boots are now brown and you’ve grown ok with that permanent color change due to artfully caked layers of mud and barnyard grime, who are we to judge. LOL!

However, if you really think your life will be better if your boots could still be beautiful, sans mud art, (and you know it will!), then you really need to read the scoop from The Head Equestrian. Even some serious South Carolina red mud - that heavy red clay that stains everything - is just no match for us.

Photo Credit: The Head Equestrian

Photo Credit: The Head Equestrian

It was rainy and wet in Aiken today, so I’m taking advantage of it and putting my leather cleaner and conditioner to the test! Not only do we have orange mud, but splashed footing as well.

I started with the lavender leather cleaner. I simply sprayed directly onto my boots and let sit for about ten second before rubbing it in or wiping. I told y’all, tack cleaning is time consuming and I have no patience. The Sterling Essentials website actually claims that their product will clean leather in 30 seconds or less – I have to vouch for it!

...I must say … I am impressed. These boots have not been deep cleaned like this since I bought them in October, and they came immediately clean.
— The Head Equestrian, February 17, 2019

Catch the full mud blasting analysis from Emily Head at The Head Equestrian here:

Posted on February 25, 2019 .