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Sterling Essentials Leather Care

By Andrea Parker, The Sand Arena Ballerina, May 29, 2019

Does anyone else ever feel like there is something therapeutic about the process of cleaning tack? Making sure you have got every last piece of hair and spec of dirt out of every nook and cranny gets you out of your head. Rubbing the leather conditioner in and watching it absorb into the leather has almost a meditative quality. And then of course there is the feeling of satisfaction when you see your saddlery clean and nourished. Now Sterling Essentials leather care products have taken that therapeutic feeling to the next level.

These exquisitely crafted products are infused with essential oils designed to leave your leather looking and feeling a million bucks. They also smell fantastic and will leave both your saddlery and hands free of any greasy residue.

Follow the link to read the full review! Link: https://thesandarenaballerina.com/2019/05/sterling-essentials-leather-care/

Photo Credit: The Sand Arena Ballerina

Sterling Essentials Boot Care and Tack Cleaning!

By Joslyn Jakoubek, JoslynJ Equestrian, April 9, 2019

Beautiful, clean and supple leather with no gunky or oily residue which was so nice! And can I say fresh?? When I take my saddle out of its bag I just can’t believe how amazing it smells! While I was cleaning it several of my barn friends commented on how lovely these products smell and even the following week one of the girls walked by as I was tacking Dolce up and mentioned that she could still smell the delicious lavender scent. I just had to smile!

Follow the link to read the full review! Link: https://joslynjequestrian.net/2019/04/09/sterling-essentials-boot-care-and-tack-cleaning/

Photo Credit, JoslynJ Equestrian

Sterling Essentials vs. Muddy Boots

By Emily Head, The Head Equestrian, February 17, 2019

Another HUGE thing for me is that Sterling Essentials is made with organic ingredients and essential oils. Huge, huge, HUGE. Not only are they animal friendly, they’re healthy, and they smell incredible! I have used essential oils for years, so it’s easy for me to detect the difference between real, quality oil, and fake, cheap oils. Sterling Essentials is definitely using the real deal!

Follow the link to read the full review! Link: https://theheadequestrian.com/product-reviews/sterling-essentials-vs-muddy-boots/

Photo Credit, The Head Equestrian


Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (Review)

By Tessa Gregory, Equestrian Evaluations, January 2, 2019

Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is a great and unique product. I have very sensitive skin and through my whole experience of testing out 4 different products, I didn’t experience any irritation or residue on my skin. I do think that is really important to consider not only the safety of our skin but of our horses as well. It is little details like that which can turn a bad ride into a great ride. Finding alternatives to give our horses the best life we can is so important and it is amazing the options that are out there.

The scents are wonderful, for all products, and really added to the whole experience. I never realized how ‘chemically’ other products can smell when comparing it to something with natural, essentials oils.

Follow the link to read the full review! Link: http://equestrianevaluations.com/sterling-essentials-leather-cleaner-and-conditioner/

Leather Care Essentials

By Terise Cole, Equine Journal, October 9, 2018

The conditioner was our tester’s favorite, as it did not leave her tack or her hands oily after use; plus she loved the natural scent of both products …

Follow the link to read the full review!

Link: https://www.equinejournal.com/2018/10/09/leather-care-essentials/


Review: Sterling Essentials Leather Care Products

By Lindsay, Paperchases & Petticoats, September 29, 2018

If Malvern Saddlery Ltd carries Sterling Essentials leather care products, then they must be good! No, seriously, these products were made to be tough yet gentle on high end tack and I am one of those people who trusts the opinions of their tack store reps. I would absolutely recommend these products to busy tack cleaning haters out there.

Follow the link to read the full review!

Link: https://paperchasesandpetticoats.com/review-sterling-essentials-leather-care/


Care for Your Leather with Sterling Essentials Leather Conditioner

By Rachel Masen, Decidedly Equestrian, September 28, 2018

I was impressed with how easy this was to use. Unlike some conditioners, it’s not sticky at all. It melts in your hands, so it’s easy to put on without clumping.

Follow the link to the full review!

Link: http://decidedlyequestrian.com/2018/09/28/care-for-your-leather-with-sterling-essentials-leather-conditioner/


Sterling Essentials: Love Your Tack

By Betsy, Bits and Bays, September 28, 2018

Okay, so enough babbling about how good it smells, you’re not shopping for perfume, the important part about Sterling Essentials is that it works. Not only will your tack smell amazing, it will be polished, conditioned, and ready to last a lifetime. Time to queue up a Netflix series to binge while you engulf yourself in amazing smells and deep clean your gear.

Follow the link to the full review!

Link: http://www.bitsandbays.com/2018/09/28/sterling-essentials-love-your-tack/

Disrupting the Traditional Leather Care Industry Using Science, Natural Ingredients and Fragrance: Sterling Essentials

By Kristin Thornton, Street to Stable, September 17, 2018

As I was researching more about the brand, I was impressed by the endorsements of notable sport horse professionals including Melanie Smith Taylor (Olympic Gold Medalist- Show Jumping), Dana and Bob Brawley, Brawley Farms Inc. (AA hunter/jumper show barn) and Matt Brown and Cecily Clark, East West Training Stables (International Eventing Competitors). It was evident that this company was offering an alternative that filled a niche and was appreciated by equestrians of all levels.

After reading more about the ingredients, fragrances, and who stands the brand, I recognized that it is a better solution to my daily equipment cleaning because as their tagline states, it is “GENTLE ON YOUR LEATHER, GENTLE ON YOU.”

Follow the link to the full review!

Link: https://streettostable.com/blogs/news/sterling-essentials


Love Your Leather, Feature in Practical Horseman Magazine

By Practical Horseman, August 2018 Issue

Follow the link to the full review!

Link: http://www.sterling-essentials.com/blog/2018/9/13/featured-in-practical-horseman-magazine


No Muss, Zero Fuss: Solving the Tack Cleaning Struggle

By Sally Spickard, Horse Junkies United, July 13, 2018

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Teal Shoop, the mind behind Sterling Essentials, which is a newer cleaning and conditioning product I hadn’t previously heard of.

PS: If you appreciate bad-ass businesswomen and could use a bit of advice and motivation, check out this interview with Teal.

Let me preface by saying, I’m not usually an easy sell. I mean, I’m all for trying new things, but I usually get fairly set in my ways – I think you could truthfully say that about a lot of riders, honestly.

Let’s get to the skinny on Sterling. Teal actually experienced many of the same frustrations I voiced regarding the plethora of cleaning products on the market – which is one reason why she decided to just make her own product.

Follow the link to read the full review!

Link: https://horsejunkiesunited.com/2018/07/13/no-muss-zero-fuss-solving-the-tack-cleaning-struggle/


Sterling Essentials Leather Care Review

By Karina Harris, The Hunt Equestrian, July 9, 2018

I’m that girl who loves cleaning tack. To me, there’s nothing better than soft, clean, supple leather. I take pride in caring for my tack, so finding the best products for them is crucial.

Sterling Essentials was born in the Pacific Northwest, where wet winters and dry summers left founder Teal in the market for effective leather care. When she found that most brands contained irritating harsh chemicals, she decided to make her own line with natural, food-grade ingredients and therapeutic-grade oils. As an owner of two extremely sensitive horses, I really appreciate that this stuff is made with the animals in mind.

Follow the link to read the full review!

Link: https://thehuntequestrian.com/2018/07/09/sterling-essentials-leather-care-review/


Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner Review

By Rachel Masen, Decidedly Equestrian, June 22, 2018

How many leather cleaners have I reviewed now?  Feels like hundreds!  I’m THE unofficial expert on leather cleaners.  I thought I’d pretty much tried them all until I saw a shiny black bottle in a tack box at a horse show and thought…”ohh…what’s THAT!”  After an email to Teal of Sterling Essentials, I had a bottle of her leather cleaner and a leather conditioner on the way (that review will come later!).

Follow the link to read the full review! 

Link: http://decidedlyequestrian.com/2018/06/22/sterling-essentials-leather-cleaner-review/


Marketing Is A Constant Effort: Teal Shoop of Sterling Essentials

By Erin Wheeler, Heels Down Media, May 11, 2018

Building a business is like entering an Ironman challenge that lasts for years: it’s fun until you hit the part where everything hurts. We all need inspiration at some point. One thing that inspires us is talking with other entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven. In this new series, Heels Down Media brings you the hard truths from entrepreneurs who are shaking up the equestrian industry. Teal Shoop saw an opportunity to create a new, improved version of a product that horsemen and women use daily: tack cleaner. Thus, Sterling Essentials was born. 

Link: https://heelsdownmedia.com/marketing-is-a-constant-effort-teal-shoop-of-sterling-essentials/

Top Eventers’ Top Products, Part 1: Around the Barn

By Lyndsey Gruber, Eventing Nation, April 17, 2018

Whatcha gonna do with that tax refund? Blow it on horse stuff, duh! Over the next few days top Athletux Equine riders will be sharing their favorite products with us, starting with part 1: grooming, tack and tack care, saddle pads, supplements and treats.

Link: http://eventingnation.com/top-eventers-top-products-part-1-grooming-tack-tack-care-saddle-pads-supplements-treats/

Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast Episode 20: Reddit Butts & Riding on a Budget

By Justine Griffin, Heels Down Magazine, April 6, 2018

We tried out Sterling Essentials leather cleaner & conditioner. It smells SO GOOD.  | @Sterling-Essentials

Link: https://heelsdownmag.com/?p=13599

(Listen for Heels Down's review of us, starting around minute 15)

Horses In The Morning for 01-31-18 by HORSELOVERZ.com – Neurologic vs. Lame, Recent Races, and Advice for Horse People by Horse People

By Horse Radio Network, January 31, 2018

HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 1863 – Show Notes and Links:

Link: http://www.horseradionetwork.com/2018/01/31/hitm-for-01-31-18-by-horseloverz-com-neurologic-vs-lame-recent-races-and-advice-for-horse-people-by-horse-people/

(Listen for our interview, starting around minute 54:10)

Sterling Essentials Provides Unique Leather Care

By Karen Pickering, Northwest Horse Source Magazine, June 1, 2017

New and Noteworthy, NW Horse Source Publishers Review of Sterling Essentials

Link: https://www.nwhorsesource.com/sterling-essentials-provides-unique-leather-care/