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"As people who know how important it is to have clean and shiny tack, Matt and Cecily are confident that Sterling Essentials have the best products on the market."

- Matt Brown and Cecily Clark, East West Training Stables, 2017 Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Eventing 6th Place Finisher, 2016 Olympic Team USA Eventing Reserve Rider (Matt Brown)


PC: Cindy Lawler and Sherry Stewart

“Our tack goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout its lifetime. It is constantly getting wet from the horse’s sweat or galloping through the water complex’s out on the cross course. I trust the Sterling Essentials Products to keep my tack in its best form.

Not only do the Sterling Essentials products leave my tack feeling strong and supple, there is no greasy residual. You can tell the difference compared to other tack cleaners!”

-Caroline Martin, Caroline Martin Eventing, Top Under 25 Eventing Rider in North America, Top Women Event Rider in the United States in 2018, International and FEI Eventing Rider

PC: Geek Equestrian and Heather Allen, Chasing Chestnuts Photography


“I love the Sterling Essentials leather cleaner. I came home from a recent clinic and used it on my paddock boots. Not only did it leave them soft and clean but there was no need to even polish them. And, the added bonus was how soft my hands felt after using the product! What a great idea to combine essential oils with a leather cleaner!"

- Melanie Smith Taylor, Renowned Equestrian, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Author

“Amazing tack cleaner and conditioner! We love it!”

Niki Clarke, Dressage Unlimited, Grand Prix dressage rider, 2018 USEF Dressage Development Program


-Shayne Dante, Shayne Dante Dressage, Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer, USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist on self-trained horses

Upcoming Competition Participation: 2022 Pan Asian Games and 2024 Paris Olympics

PC: Terri Miller and Shayne Dante

“A superior quality cleaner…a quick clean and condition on my Ariat Terrain boots... simply Amazing!”

-Genevieve Munson, USHJA Individual Junior Jumper Gold Medalist, NAYC Team Silver Medalist, US Pony Jumping Championships Individual and Team Gold Medalist

PC: Andrew Ryback and Alison Hartwell

"We love these products!!"

- Dana and Bob Brawley, Brawley Farms Inc, 2012 USEF National Horse of the Year, 3'6" Performance Working Hunters,  30+ Grand Prix Career Wins

Zoe and Flynn can den Bisschop at HITS Coachella 2017 1.3 m.jpg

"Fabulous cleaning and conditioning products with a great smell! My favorite is the lavender, and it makes our tack room smell nice and fresh. Great quality product and customer service!"

- Zoe Conlee, Winning Time Training


"I've used lots of different leather cleaner and conditioners over the years and nothing has impressed me as immediately and consistently as Sterling Essentials. Not only does it do an incredible job cleaning all my tack it smells so good! It's a must have in every barn." 

- Noelle Roberts, Delacreme Equestrian


"Sterling Essentials makes a fantastic natural leather cleaner and conditioner. I found it to be very effective as a cleaner and the conditioner really transformed the bridle I treated. Nice fragrance too!"

- Northwest Horse Source Publishers Review, Northwest Horse Source Magazine

"When I opened one box I was greeted with the most wonderful sweet scent of lavender. If ever the positive power of aroma therapy needed some scientific proof, opening that box would be it. These are going to be a real hit at our shows..."

- Cascade Horse Shows

"This is an amazing product! I highly recommend it for all of your leather goods! Bonus!! My hands even feel better after using it!!"

- Debbie Brawley, Brawley Farms North



"Aromatherapy and instant gratification doing a cleaning task with Sterling Essentials!"

- Tackroom Treasures

"We love these products and have had 100% positive feedback from our clients, available at www.malvernsaddlery.com and always in stock at the shop."

- Malvern Saddlery

"We love this product for our own tack, and it’s a customer favorite at our store."

- Madson's Tack and Equine

"I’ve neglected my 2 custom Schleese dressage saddles since my return from Australia nearly 2 years ago. I basically unpacked it gave it a good oiling and forgot about it. As you can see in the photos, the Florida summer & humidity wasn’t kind. I decided to give sterling Essentials a try on my brown mono flap Conexion. After cleaning it, I put the conditioner on with my fingers. Something I’ve always done with my leather. I wasn’t worried about harsh ingredients as there isn’t any in this product. It had a nice melting point and went on very smooth. Not gummy,tacky or sticky. I could even snap my fingers with the product on my hand and fingers.
It has a lovely feel and left my saddle looking as it should. Didn’t alter the color at all! My hands are very moisturized as well as my saddle. Thumbs up 👍 on Sterling Essentials product."

- SunSpree Mobile Emporium

I wanted to share my before and after photos of my leather halter. I used the Sterling Essentials lavender scented cleaner and conditioner. Summer was hot, humid, rainy here in PA! Things got moldy in my barn this summer that never did before. Here is a nice padded leather halter that I just cleaned yesterday, a sunny Sunday afternoon. Following the steps in your video, my halter now looks great again.
My favorite step is applying the Sterling Essentials lavender conditioner, which I did today, the day after cleaning. The aroma I got to enjoy and instant refreshment it brought to the leather was heavenly!
Thank you for your product and the helpful videos!" - Tackroom Treasures

“Take the work out of tack cleaning with the Sterling Essentials Cleaner & Conditioner.”

- Riding Warehouse


“I personally use these products on all of my own tack and leather goods, including our auto interiors! My absolute favorite leather care products in all of my 50+ years!”

- Pam, Monomoy Horse & Dog

"We always want our tack to look and feel its best. From a functional standpoint, clean tack is less likely to stretch or break. In addition, there is nothing like the rich shine of clean tack as you first go into the show ring. I am always trying leather products, I want to see what can strip off the dirt, sand, sweat gunk without leaving streaks or film. I love that the cleaner is liquid base so that you can apply directly to a dry, clean sponge so it easily cleans without over-saturating (the main cause of stretching and leather warping). It doesn't leave a sudsy film and the tack always looks sparkling. The conditioner balm is a great balance between waxy and balmy, it never makes my tack feel wet or sticky, it just adds the perfect amount of pliability to keep the leather from breaking or cracking. In the desert, in the rain, in the cold- I'm seriously a very big fan of the cleaner and conditioner for all of my tack!"

- Ashley Hawkins, Hawkins Equine     http://www.hawkinsequinellc.com/

Harness 1.jpg

"So I absolutely love Sterling Essential’s leather care products. This harness needed some love and wow did these products make a difference. The leather cleaner comes in a spray bottle making it easy to get into the crevices. Follow that up with the leather conditioner and WOW!"

- Karen Pickering

 - Before and After, Courtesy of Poco Tack

"Ok, I had a nasty dirty breast collar and spur straps sitting on my side desk desperately needing cleaning. I thought what the heck, I had a leftover sample sitting there...THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE!!! I was so impressed I went out to the barn grabbed 5 headstalls, slobber straps, and misc leather items and cleaned them all with just the sample! The sweat and dirt melted off and didn't need to be rinsed. The conditioner melted in and it all smelled divine and my hands are super soft when I was done BONUS lol. Here is the cool extra...Our other wonderful sponsor Riding Warehouse is now carrying this product! I have an order placed already will be refilling the sample to give away for someone else to fall in love with!"

- It's All Fun and Games Obstacle Rides

Finally, I could get time to RENEW my leather boots with your amazing products! It was great to see that you wore Red Wings before so you know what they are like. My poor boots have been through the fire and through the storm and over the mountain and through the mud. They maintained their reputation all the while, but dried up like a bone...until they met Sterling Essentials!

Check out how dried out the leather was in the “before” photo and how vibrant and new the boots are in the “after” picture! 

WOW! I literally could sell them as new!!

It took me a full hour to restore my boots properly since they were so dried out. It was easy to see when they were done too. The oil would remain lightly on the surface and would not transition in as it did in the beginning - Perfect! (And easy for a leather cleaning novice like me!)

Thank you to everyone at Sterling Essentials for all your work to bring us your products.I don’t know anyone with horses but, it will be exciting to look for new applications along the way so, keep tuned in for any new updates!

- Sandy J.

Customer Reviews

-I tried the mini size and I LOVED IT! had to come back for for more :) - Morgan W.

-I received my sample kit yesterday and went to work on two saddles that had a little mold on them from the damp winter. Your products are fantastic! I am so impressed! I will look forward to taking care of my tack after every ride now because it looks so good! No more residue or dull-looking finish like other tack cleaning products. I heard about you from Matt Brown. His endorsement means a lot because he is so knowledgeable. I am so glad I saw his Facebook post and decided to purchase your product. Keep up the good work! - Erin N.

-I absolutely love your products! I swear by them. I recommend them to my horsey friends any chance I get. Keep up the great work! - CSA Performance Horses

From Facebook

- By far the best and easiest cleaner and conditioner to use for tack and leather goods!! And it smells amazing!!! Love the feel and look! Tack lasts years longer!! You make the investment in expensive saddles and bridles, make the investment in the SE cleaner and conditioner to keep them like new!!!

- Love this product, tried the sample size in lavender at a horse show and was right back for the full size cleaner and balm. Very impressed how it cleans and conditions tack and love the fragrance of lavender. The ritual of tack cleaning day just got so much brighter for me!

- Found this at a local tack shop and tried the Eucalyptus cleaner and conditioner. I love how it worked and the smell is a bonus! You've sold me on your product! Made cleaning tack that much more enjoyable!

- I love this product! My shoes and purses have never looked (or smelled!) better. Also used it on a leather couch, which went from looking like something that needed to be donated to brand new. I am a life-long customer!

- Finally, a leather cleaner that not only works well, but smells great too! Cleaned all of my boots today, I just couldn't stop!

- My new FAVORITE leather cleaner and conditioner!! I just bought the Lavender set today at Gallops Saddlery. It worked SO well, and smells so great, cleaning tack was enjoyable haha.

- Love everything about these products! Try them, you will be delighted!

- This leather care is great and smells heavenly! Cleans and conditions with ease, no greasy film after! Highly recommend!

- Great products! They smell good and work really well!

From Amazon

-Excellent product - used with the leather conditioner. Chose the citrus scent. Restored antique leather and vinyl to look brand new. Cleaned old residue off seats that had accumulated over several years. Other products had been tried first. Definitely intend to continue using and will buy again. Working on harness that acquires minor mildew in storage.

-Excellent product. Would definitely buy again. Used on both leather and vinyl with the cleaner first. Cleaner took off old residue that had sat on cushions for several years and the end result looked brand new. Brought an excellent price at auction due to the looks of the 100+ year old carriage.